Repaying Debts to Become a Better Credit Risk

Everyone carries a little bit of debt around with them. Some folks cart a great deal of it as they go through their day. While getting into debt is fairly easy, getting back out of it is a different story. The following information is geared toward providing suggestions about repaying debt so individuals can stop lugging it around and increase their creditworthiness.


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/26/2012 -- Credit cards are amazingly simple to use. Just choose the items to be purchased, take the card from the wallet, and run it through the card reader at the store. Sign in the box on the reader and the merchandise is bought. The only real drawback to using charge cards to buy things is how quickly a person can go into debt. Add credit card debt to the mortgage and the car loan, and debt grows bigger while one’s income does not. Here are some suggestions for repaying debts in a swift and affordable manner.

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A good way to pay off debt is to make a higher payment than the minimum required. Whatever extra is paid in goes directly to the principal of the debt, which reduces it quickly. Cashing out one’s savings and applying it to paying off some debt is an effective method to reduce what one owes. Ask family members and/or friends to provide a loan to help with repaying debt. If they’re in a position to assist, they generally will, so go ahead and ask. The worst thing that can happen is a refusal. Taking a loan against the equity in one’s home and applying it to eliminating one’s debt is a great way to rid oneself of the burden of it in one fell swoop, so to speak.

Other ideas to help with repaying debts include picking up a weekend or second job. Even if one works 15 hours each week, as long as the entire paycheck from the job goes toward debt repayment, the balances one owes to various creditors will decrease rapidly. Cut out frivolous spending. Make a delicious and different dinner at home rather than going to a restaurant to eat. Rent a video, pop some popcorn, grab a juice, and get comfy on the couch instead of going to the theater. Turn in one’s cellular phone for a track phone that one buys minutes for. These are all terrific ways to conserve one’s financial resources and pay down some debt. Look into borrowing against one’s IRA at work or from a life insurance policy that has a cash value. Put that money on the debt and watch it disappear.

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