Report Published: Creating More Content Gets Results


Portsmouth, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/16/2013 -- UK based social media and content marketing agency, Red Rocket Media, has released a report showing that an increase in content creation can have a significant effect on several key performance metrics.

The reports details how, during a 2-week period, an increase in the publication of high quality, original content led to:

- 127% increase in impressions (number of times website was shown in search engine results)
- 93% increase in click-throughs
- 12% improvement in average rankings position
- 100% increase in Twitter followers
- 255% increase in social referral traffic

View the graphs

The full results of the study are presented in graph form in these four slides.

Marketing Manager, Michelle Hill, commented: “As a content marketing agency, we are naturally always telling people how high quality, original content drives everything, be it social media, SEO, email marketing etc. What we were keen to demonstrate, however, was the significant impact an increase in content can have on your key digital marketing metrics. The results were really quite compelling!”

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Red Rocket Media is a social media and content marketing agency. With a team of in-house journalists and social media experts, they provide companies with a wide range of content for their websites and ensure that it achieves maximum exposure across all of the main social media platforms.

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