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Report Reveals Britons Rid Themselves of Belongings and Pets when Moving to Try and Ease Moving Stress: Top Removals Ltd Responds


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/17/2015 -- Leading London removals company, Top Removals Ltd, have recently commented on a report released by the Daily Star, which reveals that many Britons chuck out many of their belongings, including pets, when making their move out of an old home.

The report reveals that one in ten worry that moving will lead to an argument, and potentially a breakup. The idea of transferring belongings from one house to another puts a great deal of stress on people, which leads to letting go of personal items in order to help cope.

One in six are even happy to ditch their pets, to avoid any extra hassle on the big day.

Often commenting on industry related news, a spokesperson for Top Removals Ltd said, 'This report shows just how stressful moving can be, and getting rid of excess belongings can be one of the ways to make things easier. This can be useful if it helps clear out unwanted items, but a lot of cherished belongings are cut from the move too.

With a removals company there is no need to get rid of your treasured items and beloved pets. We can take all your belongings with our experienced team in place, taking your pets along with us.'

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