Reportstack Announces Discount on Electric Vehicle Market Research Reports


Naperville, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/09/2011 -- Reportstack the premium provider of market research reports announces special discount of 20% on various market research reports on Electric vehicle market.

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Electric Vehicle Encyclopedia
Light Electric Vehicles 2011-2021
Electric Vehicles 2011-2021
Marine Electric Vehicles 2011-2021
Electric Vehicles for Military, Police and Security 2011-2021
Electric Vehicle Traction Batteries 2010-2020

Electric Vehicles - Seeing the Big Picture
The burgeoning electric vehicle EV industry cannot be understood by simply looking at cars. The complete market value is, and will remain, about double the market for cars. The leaders such as Toyota, Honda and Nissan make electric vehicles for many applicational sectors. Indeed, many of them also control the manufacture of the component that most affects price and performance - the battery. For example, Nissan has a major program to put next generation lithium batteries from its battery joint venture into its forklifts as well as its cars. Toyota makes heavy and light industrial EVs from forklifts to buses and mobility for the disabled, not just electric cars, and the knowledge in these different divisions is shared between them all. Much is written about hybrid cars but there are substantial sales of hybrid military trucks, buses and even motorcycles now.

Electric Vehicles report is based on ten years of researching the subject, intensive desk research, visits and interviews. There are chapters on Heavy Industrial, Light Industrial and Commercial, Mobility for the Disabled, Two Wheelers, Golf Cars, Cars, Military, Marine and Other vehicles. That even extends to electric mobile robots, surveillance jellyfish and other Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs), bats and electric aircraft. Detailed forecasts for these vehicle categories by numbers and value and the key components are provided for 2011-2021. Winning and losing strategies are evaluated. Timelines are given of events to come.

At last the full picture of China
66% of the manufacturers of electric vehicles in the world are in China. Over 90% of the world's electric vehicles are made in China, mainly for use in China. It has the largest potential market for electric vehicles. It mines and controls 95% of the World's rare earth reserves used in the hybrid car batteries, motors and other key components of today's electric vehicles. Of the 420 EV manufacturers covered in this new report, an appropriately high proportion are Chinese. This is particularly true of the chapters on Heavy Industrial, Light Industrial and Commercial, Mobility for the Disabled, Two Wheelers, Golf Cars and Cars, where the Chinese heavily participate, as yet little publicity, because so much of it is for the domestic market.