RepReboot Launches to Offer a New Kind of Reputation Management Solution


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2013 -- A good reputation is one of the most valuable assets that a business can have. Many businesses have succeeded or failed on the back of their reputation. In the digital age, managing reputation is more important than ever. Social media and other forms of communication leave a permanent record on the internet, and businesses need to make sure the right messages are being amplified to avoid leaving an indelible stain on their reputation.

One online reputation management service that is getting a lot of attention recently is They are well known for helping businesses and individuals suppress any negative information about them on the internet. They also work to significantly amplify any positive information, bringing it to the fore in search engine results. offers a range of reputation management services, suitable for the needs of many different businesses. They are capable of managing both minor reputation issues and catastrophic reputation problems. In the past they have eradicated negative press, suppressed public complaints, and replaced bad reviews with positive for the public to see. uses sophisticated search engine optimization techniques to serve the needs of their clients. They work by completely removing damaging information from the first few pages of Google, and replacing them with positive reviews, relevant information, and official marketing communications from the brand.

Jeremy Estes, one of RepReboot’s partners, said: “The internet has made it possible for word of mouth to go viral. Before, one individual’s displeasure with your service might damage your reputation with their family and friends, but now it could damage your brand and even devalue your business. That’s why it’s more important than ever to manage your reputation in the digital age. Fortunately, with the right techniques it’s more than possible to suppress any negative information about your business. We use proprietary techniques to make sure that any damaging reviews, complaints or press articles are buried underneath positive information whenever anyone uses search engines to research your company. This isn’t limited to slight reputational imperfections. We can actually overhaul even the most comprehensively damaged online image. The reviews so far have been extremely positive, and we look to build upon that in the future.“

RepReboot is a new kind of reputation management company that focuses on Google search results. All product pricing is 100% transparent, and there are no contracts required. The founding partners bring over 10 years of search engine marketing and systems development experience to the business.

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