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Republic of Pigtails Extends Range of Handmade Hair Styling Accessories for All Ages

Republic of Pigtails is owned by a fashion designer who specializes in hair accessories creating unique pieces to cover a broad range of styles and looks. The site has recently extended its range.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2014 -- Hair is a girl’s best friend, and is in many ways a free and refreshing accessory. Individuals can cut it and style it, change its shape and colour and accessorize it with all manner of additions. From hair extensions to clips and headbands, the only disadvantage is that buying headbands for women from chain stores makes everyone look the same when they want to stand out, often at exorbitant prices. Republic of Pigtails is a site that creates custom-made hair accessories of all kinds to give people a unique and varied style.

The site includes a wide range of fascinators covering styles of all kinds that can be used for a fun night out, a date or an official dinner. Equally, they offer matching pigtail holders that feature beautiful baubles or bunny style fluffy puffs, and hair clips in the style of bows, flower headbands and even cotton candy clips.

The products are listed in a user friendly format with high quality imagery, detailed products descriptions and clear pricing, with secure and easy payment options so individuals can get home-made hair accessories for less.

A spokesperson for Republic of Pigtails explained, “We are proud of the pieces we create and they are all inspired by our friends and family, their individual styles and preferences. Rather than having products trotted out in endless permutations each has a unique personality to it that reflects the qualities of the person who inspired it, so that those with similar personalities will surely find it expresses their sense of individuality too. Because each piece is handmade, it is truly individual, visitors to the site can shop with confidence that each of their orders comes with a personal touch and will help them express themselves through their hair in new and exciting ways.”

About Republic Of Pigtails
Republic Of Pigtails offers handmade hair styling accessories of all kinds for girls and women of all ages, with fascinators, headbands, elastic and baby head bands, hair clips, pigtail holders and more. The site uses an ecommerce format to make products easy to review, compare and buy and has a dedicated customer service policy. For more information please visit: