Reputation Management Companies Striving to Change Industry in 2013


Madera, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2013 -- Many are familiar with some of the common uses for reputation management, such as suppressing negative reviews and news stories, but a need for identity protection can also utilize these services as well. Varying from the traditional concept of identity theft, where one's social security number and credit cards are used to make illegal purchases, this one pertains to the authenticity of the websites that come up when a public figure or company is searched for. Many times, there are copycats looking to gain financially from making duplicate sites of those that already would be receiving a high amount of traffic views.

Those that live in the public's eye on media platforms, such as television, radio, and even internet, know what it is like to experience a duplicate webpage representing themselves without consent. the main goal of these sites may only be for entertainment purposes, but can misrepresent the person or company that is being copied. Many times, the visitors to the sites have no idea that the page is a fake. Some are not made with the intent to entertain, but to steal traffic which may be a viable source of income from the original creator.

This is not the only form of identity protection that is offered by reputation management services, for sometimes personal information leaks out. This may not only be a matter of privacy, but a matter of security for public figures. Accidental posts of personal information may leave one or one's family at risk of danger. Hiding this information through suppression techniques is of the utmost importance in these situations.

Suppressing the results that come up while those that aim to bring harm to these individuals greatly distracts them from their cause of malicious intent. Creating other informative posts with incorrect information, or by careful keyword research of the content already posted that surrounds the sensitive information, this sensitive information can be virtually erased from the possibility of being seen. Although the items are not literally removed from being seen, they can be buried underneath the content that is provided by the service, restoring an assurance of safety to those that utilize the service.

For public figures and businesses that are under constant attack from outside threats, it is highly suggested to obtain the aid of a reputation management service before information is linked or duplicate sites are created. Not only can this prevent the loss of income, but it can protect the safety of the clients as well.

Brandon Hopkins
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