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RERi Group Announced to Emerging a Suitable Platform for Photovoltaics from Various Brands

Emerging as a leading photovoltaic portal, RERi Group facilitates traders/buyers get high-end photovoltaic components from various brands. It also offers exclusive videos and information based articles to customers help know photovoltaic.


California, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/28/2012 -- RERi Group provides comprehensive information on various photovoltaic and solar substructures from various brand companies that are becoming popular source for electricity supply from sunlight. A future-oriented innovative company, it provides a B2B platform for buyers and sellers wherein they can benefit from one another. Several companies that offer photovoltaic system use solar panels to convert sunlight into electricity; such companies need a platform or portal to interact and get best prices as well as information, RERi Group provides it successfully.

Emerging as a renewable power resource, Photovoltaic or PV is also becoming highly affordable and reliable source for companies and individual users. At RERi Group, a comprehensive catalog of various solutions that includes inverters, photovoltaic modules, Solar Power Systems, etc. help buyers decide on the right one. Buyers can use these products to source renewable energy and brighter, cleaner future. The company deals with all i.e. photovoltaic system operators, prospective customers, manufacturers, dealers, installers and even those who wish to become a full service photovoltaic system portal user.

About Reri Group:
With RERi Group's http://usa.pv.tv/ buyers and sellers can stay updated about various latest developments and inventions in photovoltaic and solar Racking System. Two types of memberships or subscriptions are available for interested persons i.e. free and paid. The free membership enables users receive regular news and information and opinions from editorship. Newsletter subscribers also receive best prices supplies from the portal. The paid membership receives expert advice and support through personal Key Account Manager, they access to comprehensive database of the company, they also receive current lowest prices information 6 hours earlier and can access to information on the lowest prices for solar modules, inverters, racking system and accessories, etc. amongst others.

For more information visit also – http://usa.pv.tv/ or contact Service Hotline - 0049 800 29 39 039.