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RescueKeith.com Makes Public Plea for Help

He Forgot (!) … Now, 11 Prisons Later (in less than NINE months) !


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/07/2012 -- Keith Duncan forgot about his mother's antique gun in the trunk while visiting Langley Air Force Base and received a military police ticket. This started in a domino effect of multiple arrests, imprisonments and psychological studies. Nearly a year later, Keith is still in jail. Within nine months starting with the local Cherokee County Jail, Keith as been moved fourteen times to eleven federal prisons. And, he is unable to receive his medications.

Keith was arrested once … then … twice over the same incident. No habeas corpus in Georgia (you do not have legal recourse). After spending four months in a county jail came a plea deal from his attorney. Keith maintained his innocence but paid a $300.00 fine and was released. Suddenly, as he was preparing to leave the county jail, the Bureau of Alcohol and Firearms placed him on hold and to remain at the county jail.

Since that time (Feb. 10/3/11) Keith has been moved fourteen (14) times within the federal prison system! His friends and lawyers are seldom unable to speak with him and authorities will not say where they continue with his incarceration.

To make matters worse … money can be a curse.

You see, Keith is a wealthy man and while in prison his son (later his wife) came forward to the various courts alleging Keith is demented. Shortly thereafter and according to Keith, his personal signatory bank accounts started to deplete and without his authorization. Why/how? The banks will not say. Repeated phone calls to the banks yielded no answers to Keith's authorized representatives nor his two attorneys.

Nearly a year later, Keith has been moved fourteen times within the federal prison system! This is costing YOU millions of tax dollars!

Keith Duncan is an innocent man. He is an inventor, author, speaker and the genius behind many tech gadgets. Eccentric? Yes. Keith thinks outside the perverbial “box”. Presently and under various pending patents, Keith is titled to earn millions of dollars.

Back in May 5, 201l a public defender said the only outstanding charge was the Langley AFB incident and that was settled February 22, 2011.

Visit rescuekeith.com for more information. We need your help. Got any ideas? We would like to hear from you especially if you are an attorney or a judge.

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