White Cloud Cigarettes

Research and Development Leads to Drop in White Cloud Prices

White Cloud announces lowered prices on select starter kits


Tampa Bay, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/26/2012 -- From design and length of battery life to myriad cartridge flavors and strengths, electronic cigarettes have significantly evolved since their inception in 2003.

The industry as a whole has innovated to meet the needs and expectations of its customers.

Based in Tampa Bay, Florida, White Cloud Cigarettes came to fruition in 2007, and has quickly become a name synonymous with customer care, quality control and premium product design.

The brand has not only grown, but helped shape the e cigarette industry. The company has dedicated an overwhelming amount of resources to research and develop, leading to breakthroughs in increased product battery life. We take great pride in our customer base, and carefully listen to all feedback.

In light of this, we're proud to announce an average discount of about 30 percent across our entire online retail store.

We have also lowered prices on most items. White Cloud's premiere starter kit, The Cirrus 3X can now be purchased for $239.95. The Cirrus 3X still comes with 3 batteries (600 puffs each) both an A/C and USB charger and 5 SmoothDraw cartridges.

A 50-pack of SmoothDraw cartridges is now priced at $149.95.

White Cloud still offers free shipping on any order over $50 USD. White Cloud Cigarettes batteries and chargers all come with a 6 month warranty and an extended 2 year warranty is still offered as well.

The only change to any of our products is the cost. You can still expect the same high quality White Cloud products and cartridges, which are now available in over 10 flavors and five strengths.

Our stateside customer service representatives are always happy to answer any questions or concerns and will go out of their way to fix any issue you may be experiencing.

White Cloud Cigarettes prides itself on providing the best-tasting, longest lasting product as well as top notch customer service. We only offer the highest quality e cigarettes and nicotine cartridges.

White Cloud is not interested in providing a platform for consumers to mix nicotine liquid, make their own batteries or perform maintenance on e cigarettes. We feel these actions can lead to safety concerns.

For more information please visit us at http://www.whitecloudcigarettes.com.