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Research Confirms That Caralluma Fimbriata Remains Untouched by Weight Loss Hoaxes and Scams

Caralluma Actives is the best selling caralluma product worldwide. This product will allow you to stick to your diet without hunger getting in the way, and will stop your cravings and bingeing when you are trying to lose weight.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/09/2012 -- Since Caralluma Fimbriata products were launched onto the market in 2008, it has been confirmed that caralluma products have maintained their high levels of purity and effectiveness, and have remained untouched by mediocre products and scams often associated with weight loss product available online.

“This research that was carried by CarallumaForYou is great news for internet weight loss customers! Since the rise in popularity of weight loss products online, the weight loss industry, and the websites and products in particular have been marred by the huge amount of mediocre products or even worse hoaxes and scams. Acai berry and hoodia products are prime examples of this”, reports Estelle Coughlan from the health blog

Does this mean that weight loss products as a whole are generally improving? “Unfortunately not, as this high quality and efficacy can only be isolated to caralluma products”, she adds.

The reason for this is that the Pharmaceutical company Gencor Pacific developed a process to extract pure caralluma fimbriata without any chemical alteration whatsoever to any of the key constituents. This patented process ensures that the full benefits of caralluma fimbriata are delivered in a pure and concentrated form, so the customer can expect the best results everytime!

This level of quality is included in all the caralluma fimbriata products, confirming this ingredient as a genuine weight loss product to actually deliver true results.

This product innovation was awarded ‘The Global Product Innovation Of The Year” by Frost and Sullivan in 2008, and this patented process is not found in any other weight loss products, making caralluma fimbriata products unique in the market.

“Usually, if a weight loss product contains ‘an extract’ it will not perform as well as a product from a ‘pure’ ingredient. Green tea and acai berry are good examples of this. Caralluma fimbriata products such as Caralluma Actives and Caralluma Burn are unique as the extract these products contain are the purest most concentrated form of caralluma. All caralluma fimbriata products contain this extract, which is called ‘Slimaluma’, so you really know what you are getting when you buy a caralluma product, putting these products one step ahead of the competition and also guaranteeing weight loss results that deliver, for a change!” states Estelle.

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