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Research Developments in Autism Disorder Show Importance of Glutathione the Miracle Molecule


San Antonio, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/20/2014 -- Dr. James B. Adams, one of the leading autism researchers who is currently a President’s Professor at Arizona State University, has recently performed a study which has shown the direct co-relation between the neurodevelopment disorder Autism and the chemical present in the body Glutathione often called as the ‘Glutathione the Miracle Molecule’ due to its key role in intermediary metabolism, immune response and overall health.

The study by Dr. Adams finds that the mother’s inability to produce sufficient levels of Glutathione is correlated with her child’s severity of Autism. The study also mentions that Glutathione coupled with homocysteine greatly increases the chances of a woman having a child with Autism.

Along with Dr. Adams, many other prominent researchers of the disorder have also found similar results in their independent work where Glutathione has always been associated. Dr. Sandra Jill James, another leading Autism researcher and member of the Autism Speaks Treatment Advisory Board is also currently performing a thorough study on the link between Autism and Glutathione. Her study is much awaited in the Autism research community and will be published possibly at the end of the year.

Since there is no definite Autism treatment, the importance of Glutathione has become more relevant and could be the key to finally finding a solution. Glutathione which is produced in the human liver is a key antioxidant and is often called the ‘Master Antioxidant’ as well.

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