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Research Finds Resveratrol Potentially Useful in Enhancing Athletic Performance


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/16/2016 -- Engaging in physical activities has long been believed to be significantly helpful for overall health. Individuals who engage in these activities typically have higher nutritional needs, which they need to satisfy to avoid injuries and perform at their best.

Research finds resveratrol potentially useful in enhancing athletic performance. In a 12-week study in Canada in 2012, it was found that resveratrol has the same skeletal muscle benefits as endurance training.

Individuals who use this supplement is also believed to achieve improvements in oxidative metabolism, endurance, and cardiac function. When combined with endurance training, resveratrol could help increase one's performance by 21 percent.

The University of Alberta Canada conducted a new medical research and suggests that resveratrol has the potential to enhance exercise training and performance.

In the recent study led by Jason Dyck, the researchers tried to determine if the resveratrol could positively affect exercise performance. Dyck is an Alberta Innovates – Health Solutions senior scholar and the director of the Cardiovascular Research Center at the University of Alberta.

The findings of the study were published in the Journal of Physiology. The researchers found that resveratrol has the potential to provide benefits produced by extensive endurance exercise training.

Dyck suggests that resveratrol could potentially be helpful to individuals who are physically incapable of engaging in activities but who also want to exercise. It has the potential to mimic exercise and its effects.

Studies are still underway to determine whether or not resveratrol has the same effects on humans. However, over the years, more and more people believe in the therapeutic effects of the antioxidants.

Resveratrol could be one of the best nutrients to satisfy the nutritional needs of athletes and individuals who engage in sports.

Many athletes become susceptible to injuries and various medical conditions due to the intense physical activities they are engaged in. In addition to these physical activities, they are also unable to provide their bodies with the right type and amounts of nutrients.

Today, there are many individuals who take resveratrol supplements to improve their overall health. There are even those who suffer from certain medical conditions, and claim that they are getting benefits from using the natural remedy.

Individuals who want to take advantage of the therapeutic effects of the natural ingredient may consume food and beverage with high amounts of resveratrol. There are also supplements available nowadays that are thought to contain high amounts of resveratrol.

Some of the most popular resveratrol supplements contain extracts of Acai fruit, grape seed, red wine, and green tea (

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