Research Mathematician Peter O. Sagay Seeks Support via Indiegogo to Use Nature's Template for Packaging Knowledge

Nature's Template for Packaging Knowledge is the new global phenomenon.


Lake Mary, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2014 -- Humankind has been so busy discovering knowledge that they've had no time to really think about how best to package it despite the fact that nature provided man with a universal packaging template very early on in the creation of the Universe. Many centuries ago, human ancestors established a knowledge-packaging template that was convenient for their time. This template has become cumbersome and sub-optimal for the present day voluminous Knowledge-Information Continuum. It is time to replace it.

Nature's template consists of two fundamental components:
(1) Matter's residency in space. This component establishes the universal concept of containership and identity. In other words, select a space of interest and identify the matter in it.

(2) The influence of the universal concepts of force, motion, change, grouping/interaction and equilibrium on matter's space.

The use of Nature's Template to package knowledge will benefit everyone. Knowledge encompasses all aspects of existence. It is the engine that propels civilization.

- It will optimize the way people learn and teach from KG to PG
- It will optimize business performance
- It will optimize Government efficiency

Funds raised through this campaign will be used to
(1) Hire several smart people who will research, examine and package the knowledge associated with the key spaces that has been earmarked.

(2) Continue the development of the global platform for the delivery of knowledge packaged according to Nature's Template.

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