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Research Peptides Publishes Suite of New Peptide Profiles to Help New Users Understand Peptides is an active discussion site for those using research peptides to discuss their uses and merits, with a new section helping people get acquainted with the key peptides.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2015 -- Peptides are amino acid chains that have been synthesized in a laboratory, but can have curious and profound effects on the human body, prompting regular research to discover what the limits of their effects can be, both for medical and cosmetic advancements. Researchers looking into Peptides often like to discuss hypotheses and approaches, and Research Peptides is a place for them to do so online. The site has just launched a new resource center filled with peptide profiles to help MSc students and post-grads to acquaint themselves with the latest research.

The new peptide profiles published so far include no fewer than twenty one different peptides, each of which is listed by name for individuals to click through to see the full profile right from the homepage. The profile includes a diagram of the peptide's formation, information on its principal uses in research and a summary of the existing knowledge base.

The idea is to help people quickly get up to speed with the current landscape of research peptides without spending hours on research. This is the latest initiative by the forum, which has already provided a peptide calculator and synthesis guide for researchers.

A spokesperson for Research Peptides Forum explained, "We have a thriving and active community, but one of the biggest limitations of online forums is the in-group effect, where the well established members have created a culture that new members can feel is hard to penetrate. To counteract this and to ensure the forum remains as open and inviting as popular, we have created numerous tools and resources such as our peptide calculator, synthesis guide and now peptide profiles in order to help people get the best from the site, and be able to actively contribute quickly and easily."

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The Research Peptides Forum is an online discussion center with a broad range of sub-forums dedicated to specific research peptides and their uses. The site is staffed by a dedicated moderating team and individual experts can start as well as contribute to topics. The site is the ideal place to find advice and recommendations on peptides.

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