Research Proves that Breakthrough Colostrum Supplements Boost the Immune System and Prevent Flu Better Than the Flu Shot!


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/01/2011 -- Bovine Colostrum is a milk made by mammals before and after pregnancy, and is packed full of nutrients and antibodies to help newborns healthy. Colostrum keeps humans fit and functioning too, and is the cornerstone of an exciting new range of supplements. What’s more, Colostrum now has its own website to keep the health-conscious abreast of the benefits of nature’s most effective immune system booster. contains an extensive listing of the many scientifically-proven benefits of Bovine Colostrum, such as its ability to remedy flu symptoms. In fact, Colostrum is so effective in strengthening the immune system that regular users of Colostrum had a significantly reduced amount of time with the flu, making Colostrum over three times more effective than the flu shot in alleviating flu symptoms!

Lactoferrin is a key ingredient in bovine milk and has the ability to fight off various attacks on the immune system, including those posed by bacteria, viruses and even cancer cells. Comprehensive research has shown that when lactoferrin is ingested it works directly on viruses and suppresses their ability to replicate. This means that Colostrum’s range of capsules and powders can protect the health of a wide variety of people, from pregnant women through to those suffering from cognitive disorders.

Bovine Colostrum also aids allergy sufferers as it helps desensitise the body to common allergens. It does this by using its antibodies to fight off allergies and by suppressing the body’s reaction to the allergens that do make it through. This also means that Colostrum Supplements can improve the health of asthma sufferers.

Another key benefit of Colostrum is the amount of antioxidants it contains, which are a must for general health and wellbeing in addition to warding off signs of ageing. What’s more, Bovine Colostrum contains glutathione, the most powerful antioxidant known, which acts a liver detoxifier and even helps with hangovers! Colostrum supplements also have fantastic anti-inflammatory characteristics to aid anyone suffering from pain, swelling and inflammation, and are scientifically proven to help lessen the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and other cognitive disorders.

In addition to strengthening the immune system, Colostrum is also ideal for those looking to up their athletic ability, build muscle or lose weight. Bovine Colostrum has been proven to improve lean muscle tissue growth, especially when mixed with whey protein and creatine. Colostrum actually works better than whey protein in building lean muscle mass and dropping body fat. Moreover, Colostrum helps improve muscle recovery, reduce soreness, improve peak power for cyclists and sprint capacity for runners, helping to make both men and women leaner and faster!

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