Research Report on China Sunroof Industry, 2014-2018


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Sunroof, as a practical auto accessory for ventilation and interior lighting, is an important consideration for consumers when buying a car. Sunroof is born with vehicles, which once symbolized limousine and luxurious auto configuration. Nowadays many low-price cars are equipped with sunroof due to its popularization.

The automobile industry has developed rapidly since China joined WTO, which promotes the development of automobile accessory industry. The production volume of automobiles in China was 22.1168 million, up by 14.76% YOY, while the sales volume was 21.9841 million which increased by 13.87% YOY. China is the world's largest automobile producer and sales market for 5 consecutive years. In 2013, the growth momentum of passenger vehicles sales in China became stronger with the sales volume of 17.9289 million, up by 15.71% YOY. The development of automobile market, especially the rapid growth of passenger vehicles market, promotes the development of sunroof market in China. The production volume of automobiles in China was merely 2.07 million in 2000. Most vehicles were not equipped with sunroof when leaving factory, while merely a small quantity of automobile refit manufactories offered sunroof installation. In 2013, the production volume of automobiles in China exceeded 20 million. A considerable amount of automobiles were equipped with sunroof when leaving factory while many vehicle owners installed sunroof in automobile refit manufactories. Although a small amount of high-end sunroofs are imported, China is self-sufficient in most varieties of sunroof with a large number of exports. Most market share of sunroof industry in China is occupied by foreign-funded sunroof giants such as Webasto and Inalfa with continually increasing production capacity. For instance, Webasto has built 10 production bases in China with the sales revenue of over CNY 4 billion.

Increasingly larger amount of domestic enterprises enter the sunroof industry in China. However, they failed to form large-scale production capacity due to technical and financial difficulties. Domestic enterprises in China mainly operate in low-end market because of limited varieties, unreliable quality and after-sales service.

The production and sales volume of automobiles in China is predicted to increase year by year with the continual development of Chinese economy. Meanwhile, the progressive upgrade in the product structure of automobiles, especially passenger vehicles, creates great opportunities for the development of sunroof industry in China. Expanding investment of enterprises such as Webasto proves great prospect of the sunroof industry in China. China's OEM and after-sales market offer an open field for sunroof manufacturers around the world.

Through this report, the readers can acquire the following information:

-Status of Sunroof Industry in China

-Competition Status of Sunroof Market in China

-OEM and After-sales Market of Sunroof

-Major Sunroof Manufacturers in China

-Prospect of Sunroof Industry

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