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Research Reveals How the Color of an Office Can Impact Work Efficiency


Rishton, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/21/2016 -- A new study from the University of Texas shows the impact that color can have on productivity in the workplace.

Three groups of people were given a number of clerical tasks to complete with the only difference being, each room being a different color. One room was red, one white and the other aqua.

The findings were surprising to all. Although certain individuals were able to block out the color of the room and completely ignore it, others were deeply affected. The three groups of people found working in the white room the most difficult and it was here that they made the most mistakes and a high number of people found that they were distracted often when working in the red room.

The final result of the study showed that is an incredibly bad idea to paint an office white. Whilst many may think that white creates a fresh and clean look that may seem professional – there are also a number of other similar studies in which suggest white is the absolute worst color that an office could be.

Bevlan Office Interiors frequently comment on office related news and a spokesperson had this to say:

"It is true that color can impact moods hugely and we take pride in being able to prove people with another color solution – in the form of furniture. If you do have a white or plain colored office, we would advise purchasing colored furniture items such as desks or chairs."

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