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Researchmoz: Aging Populations - Overcoming the Challenges of a World with a Depleted Workforce and Elderly Populace

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Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/08/2017 -- The worlds population is growing old and some of the worlds most powerful economies are due to experience catastrophic social change as a result. The need of older people is going to be one of the hot topics of the next few decades as many countries will have to adapt their healthcare systems, technology investment and pension schemes to cope with this new population of older people.

Key Highlights

- The global population is getting older, presenting significant challenges to governments to fund social care, pensions and healthcare. More and more of the economic output is now absorbed by the needs of the elderly population.

- A greater degree of healthcare spending is now invested into old age care. Finding better ways to fund care, reducing drug expenditure and refocusing pharmaceutical research towards more effective treatment is now essential.

- Technology developed to ensure elderly people can stay in their homes is now essential to future care and constitute potentially massive savings for the healthcare system. New business opportunities to take care of modern needs caused by an aging population are now opening up.

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- Examines the likely impact an aging population has and the need for reform.

- Looks at the impact of an aging population on economic performance with regards to funding old age care.

- Assessing the problems of an aging population relating to funding pensions and the economic impact

- Looks at how technology is changing to cater for elderly care in the home.

Reasons to buy

- What is the effect of an aging population on social care, pensions and healthcare?

- What is the economic impact of aging and illness as the population ages?

- What are the problems of funding pension systems around the world?

- How can technology work to allow elderly people to stay in their homes rather than entering the healthcare system?

Table of Contents
Executive summary 2
Population crisis: The global population is getting older 2
Aging and illness: The healthcare burden 2
Pensions crises: Economic trouble, bad policy and lack of suitable solutions 2
Technology: Changing how the elderly are cared for 2
Population crisis: How to repopulate the planet with young people 7
The populations of almost all western countries are getting older quickly 7
Fertility rates are hampering repopulation in many countries 8
Europe is one of the worst affected areas by this looming crisis 9
Japan has a toxic range of problems that seems unsolvable 10
Two speed worlds split between those that can grow and those that cant 11
Current solutions are monetary incentives and automation 12
Aging and illness: The healthcare burden 13
The older the population, the more chronic illness it has 13
Dementia has no cure and is absorbing social care budgets 14
Old age consumes both public and private money equally 15
Increasingly drastic methods of paying for elderly care sap a persons assets 15
Pharmaceutical spending reveals that old age is the biggest driver 16
Elderly people as a significant economic burden for a country 16
The solutions are better use of money and treatment focus 17
Pensions crises: Economic trouble, bad policy and lack of suitable solutions 19
Political and economic considerations expand widespread pension problems 19
Attempts by central banks to solve other economic problems have contributed to pensions crises 20

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