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Reserve Study Company Association Reserves Launches New Website Dedicated to Do-It-Yourself Solution


Calabasas, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/23/2013 -- Association Reserves, a well-known provider of reserve study services in the United States, recently announced its decision to launch a new website dedicated to their Do-it-Yourself Reserve Study kit. The kit, available on DIYReserveStudy.com, includes an Instruction Booklet and a spreadsheet template designed for use by Association-governed communities of all shapes and sizes.

The kit can be downloaded online for $349. After the user builds the component list and submits the information, Association Reserves uses its reserve study software to generate a report within a week—the fastest turn-around time in the industry. The company uses the component list to calculate reserve fund strength, craft a 30-year funding plan, and publish a professional Reserve Study report.

According to an article written using data from Association Reserves’ 30,000 reserve studies, 70 percent of associations in the United States are “underfunded.” This puts many organizations at an increased risk of special assessments, deferred maintenance, declining property values, and board member liability. According to the company, by accounting for the ongoing cost of common area deterioration and then properly funding reserves, boards are able to responsibly prepare for their associations’ future expenses.

“Our goal is to eliminate all excuses for board members not to be aware of the current strength of their Association’s reserve fund and the funding plan necessary to perform common area repairs & replacement in a timely manner,” says Robert Nordlund, PE, RS, the company’s founder. “The path from underfunded to appropriately-funded is a journey and a Reserve Study provides the necessary road map.”

Clients who have tried the Association Reserves DIY Reserve Study kit have labeled it an efficient and essential tool for their associations.

“The DIY Reserve Study was an inexpensive way to get the attention of our HOA that we need to commit to a scheduled investment in a Reserve Fund,” said Brent Lowe, a volunteer board member and beta customer of the product, in his review. “Our HOA is in Mexico, so we do not have the resources available to associations in the United States.”

Individuals interested in learning more about Association Reserves and its products can visit the company’s website for more information.

About Association Reserves, Inc.
Founded in 1986, Association Reserves, Inc. is the nation’s leading provider of Reserve Study services for Association-governed communities. For over 26 years, 30,000 clients have trusted in the company’s ability to provide independent, custom, financially stable funding plans that ensure timely repairs and replacements to their common area assets. To achieve its mission, the company applies its skills of information gathering, financial analysis, and presentation of results. For more information and reserve budgeting resources, please visit http://www.ReserveStudy.com

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