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Residential Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Market - Strategic Assessment, Trend Outlook and Business Opportunities

Residential Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Market is driven due to rising disposable incomes, North America and Europe dominates Residential Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Market| Residential Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Market.


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2018 -- Residential Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Market: Overview

With the launch of Trilobite by Electrolux in the late 1990s, the global market for robotic vacuum cleaners has since exhibited persistent development in terms of technological advancements, improved product designs, and availability of a vast array of product options. Typical residential robotic vacuum cleaners available in the market these days use a variety of sensors to track the area to be cleaned, dirt, hair, and other rubble on hard surfaces and carpeted floors. The small sizes of these devices, combined with the numerous rotating brushes featured in their designs, make them effective for cleaning hard-to-reach areas.

Other crucial elements of a residential robotic vacuum cleaner include mobile base, programmable software, batteries, and other accessories. Advanced products have features such as laser vision, room mapping, cleaning coverage tracking, stair detection abilities, enhanced battery life, and intelligent navigation capabilities.

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The idea of having self-operational, digitally advanced, effective, and innovative devices act as housecleaning helpers is one of the most intriguing factors for the present-day tech-savvy global population. As the automated housecleaners become increasingly more intelligent and precise in effectively cleaning nooks and corners of a house, their demand will rise significantly in the coming years.

Global Residential Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Market: Trends and Opportunities

The report on residential robotic vacuum cleaners presents detailed insights into product portfolio of leading players. It provides a detailed overview of the scope of further developments on technological and marketing fronts. Additionally, the report very closely explores the trajectory of technological advancements in the market over the past years.

Apart from the factors mentioned above, the report predicts that the global residential robotic vacuum market is also likely to benefit from the rising disposable incomes and the rising inclination of consumers toward automated and digitally advanced products, especially in developing regions. However, high-cost of these cleaners will limit the market's expansion across cost-sensitive regions to a certain extent.

Nevertheless, declining prices of electronic sensors and other hardware parts will enable residential robotic manufacturers to manufacture low-cost products to better cater to the vast untapped growth opportunities in developing regions.

The market currently includes products that can be differentiated according to criteria such as modes of charging, price-range, area of usage (in-house and outdoor), and features.

Global Residential Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Market: Region-wise Outlook

The report examines the global residential robotic vacuum cleaner market on the basis of geographical segmentation. It examines the current state and future growth prospects for the global residential robotic vacuum cleaner market across regional markets such as North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and Rest of the World (RoW).

Owing to the presence of major manufacturers in developed regions, North America and Europe are presently the dominant regional markets for residential robotic vacuum cleaners. High disposable incomes of the population in these regions increase the adoption of technological innovations. Nevertheless, strengthening economies and rising disposable incomes in developing regions are making the population more receptive toward digital innovations. Thus, the residential robotic vacuum cleaners market in developing countries in Asia Pacific is anticipated to witness fastest growth over the report's forecast period.

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Global Residential Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Market: Competitive Landscape

The global residential robotic vacuum cleaners market is characterized by the presence of a few dominant vendors. These companies mainly focus on the development of innovative and advanced products. Rising research and development activities are expected to make the competition more intense in the market in the years to come.

Some of the major vendors in the market are Yujin Robot, Co., Ltd., Neato Robotics, Inc., Dyson Inc., Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Hayward Industries, Inc., Ecovacs Robotics, Inc., Philips Electronics, and N.V, Pentair plc.