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Residents Earn Extra Cash with Sgt. Scrap


Pennsauken Township, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/16/2018 -- From individual scrappers to plumbers and electricians, there are always people who are holding onto scrap metal. Over the long winter months, scrap metal can accumulate and become quite the eyesore on a property. Now, residents can earn extra cash during a spring cleanout by scrapping metal with Sgt. Scrap.

Substantial piles of scrap metal are more than just an eyesore, they also create hazards for any children or elderly residents who may come in contact with the pile. On top of the dangers of scrap metal piles, they also can drive down the value of a property and lower the curb appeal of a home. Those who are considering putting their home on the market are urged to inquire about mobile scrap metal pickup in Hudson County to help improve a properties value.

Individuals and businesses alike can always benefit from having extra cash on hand. Sgt. Scrap pays cash for scrap metal to countless people across the Philadelphia region. On top of helping residents earn extra cash, this company makes it convenient and safe to remove scrap metal piles with their roll-off containers. These containers can handle everything from brass and copper fittings to air conditioners and water heaters.

Those who are interested in selling unwanted scrap metal are encouraged to reach out to the professionals at Sgt. Scrap by calling 800-833-6983 to schedule a pick-up or visiting their website at to learn more.

About Sgt. Scrap
Sgt. Scrap has been in business since for over ten years. Since their inception in 2006, the company has expanded to having four locations. Sgt. Scrap is an authority on eco-friendly scrap metal purchasing and prides itself on empowering its partners and customers. They offer both onsite services and offsite pickups that rid clients of unwanted metals in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Delaware.

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