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Resolve Digital Discloses Secret to Success on the Internet

Planning remains essential as a page 2 listing on Google is worthless


Cottesloe, Western Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/30/2014 -- Resolve Digital clearly explains the importance of search engine optimization in one simple statement, "The best place to hide a dead body is on page 2 of Google." The Internet continues to expand at astounding rates, with more than 4.64 billion pages as on April 27, 2014, according to World Wide Web Size. For a company to attract attention, they must find the best SEO company in Australia which is why many choose to make use of Resolve Digital.

"Resolve Digital assists companies struggling to differentiate themselves from competitors as staff members understand exactly what doing so requires at each stage of the process," Andrew Dalton, the spokesperson for Digital Resolve, declares.

To increase brand visibility and move up in the search engine rankings, businesses need to develop a plan before creating a digital strategy. A business must understand how their customers behave while on the Internet and how they search for products and services.

"Learn what type of information the target audience desires and how to create a competitive point of difference. The most important thing, however, involves determining how customers are inspired to take action and turn a visit into a sale," Dalton explains. "Having this information ensures Resolve Digital understands the client's unique business, the products being offered, the target audience and more to determine which digital strategies should be used."

Digital strategies which may be employed include researching consumer and competitor behavior on the Internet. Once the optimal user has been identified, website content creation begins and the implementation of analytics and reporting takes place. Social advertising campaigns and search engine marketing hold the top spots when it comes to prioritizing various tasks to ensure others learn about the site and visit it.

"Understanding how to take an average site and maximize the opportunities is where Digital Resolve excels and differentiates itself from other competitors. Using the knowledge gained while achieving this goal with their own company enables Digital Resolve to help others go further than they ever dreamed. Work doesn't stop once the site is created, however, as Digital Resolve remains dedicated to creating a partnership with each client, one which inspires consumers to take immediate action when visiting a client's site. Nothing less should be tolerated," Dalton pronounces.

About Resolve Digital
Resolve Digital, in business for more than 13 years, continues to prepare digital strategy, having done so for thousands of projects across most industries. Their successes and failures have prepared them to help clients move into the future, creating campaigns that draw attention while delivering the desired results. Hand picked employees work with clients to get the most from the campaign, focusing first on the fundamentals of a great campaign, including generating traffic and re-engaging visitors, before adding the extras which make the campaign unique.