Joe Bragg Launches to Inform Prospective Australian Bar Staff About the RSA Certificate

New website tells Australians how to gain a Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificate, a legal requirement for serving behind a bar.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/10/2013 -- The sale of alcohol is a highly regulated industry in most countries, and Australia is no exception. A license is required to sell intoxicating liquors, and licensed individuals must only sell in a certain way and at certain times. In addition to these requirements, everyone connected in the sale of alcohol directly to the public needs a Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate before they can work behind a bar. It is an administrative and legal requirement that cannot be avoided.

One Responsible Service of Alcohol certification related website that is getting a lot of attention at the moment is, a new site set up to help Australians understand the law behind this certification, and the procedure that is involved when becoming accredited. It is quickly building up a reputation as the best information resource about the certification on the Internet.

The website contains extensive information, discussing the legal requirement for the certification and the topics covered on the exam. The bulk of the content of the site focuses on the options for obtaining the certificate, including ways to get the RSA online.

A spokesperson for the website said: “Working behind a bar is such a common job for young Australians that is has practically become a rite of passage in our society. However, the laws behind the sale of alcohol are very strict. It’s not like selling any other product. The authorities are keen that it be sold in a responsible way, and they have instituted this certification to ensure that it will be. The Responsible Service of Alcohol certification course teaches bar staff some of the most important skills of the customer service side of the job. These include dealing with drunken and disorderly customers, and knowing when to stop serving someone. It also makes servers aware of their legal responsibilities when serving behind a bar. We’ve set up our website to provide a bit of clarity when it comes to this certification. It contains all of the information that budding bar staff need to know about becoming fully certified, no matter which part of Australia they live in.”

About is a website dedicated to the Responsible Service of Alcohol Certification, a legal requirement for bar staff in Australia. It contains all the information that prospective bar staff need to know about becoming certified.

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