Restaurant Delivery Marketing - Increase Profits by Using a Restaurant Portal


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2013 -- Unless you’ve somehow been able to avoid the Internet for the past year, you’ve probably noticed how much the restaurant delivery service has been growing. Pizza and Chinese food aren’t your only options anymore, and you don’t have to even call in your order. People are throwing away their old takeout menus and are now using online companies that let you browse tons of menus in one place, and even order food for delivery or takeout.

These online companies, like GrubHub and Delivery For All, bring restaurants extra sales by placing their menus online for ordering, and even help increase their online presence through their marketing efforts. For restaurants, it’s completely free marketing, and only costs a small commission fee if they bring you any orders.

Thousands of successful restaurants have already signed up for at least one of these restaurant “portals” and raving about what it can do for their business. They understand that a worst-case scenario is that they don’t get any extra orders (so there’s zero cost), but they still get extra online exposure for free (and maybe even some new walk-in business just from seeing them online). Since the system is completely results based, it’s no wonder that tons of restaurants are signing up with portals every day.


While there are tons of choices, and you can sign up with multiple portals, our favorite emerging portal is Delivery For All. They seem to be doing all the right things with an easy to use website and mobile app. They’re quickly growing across the country. No matter what part of the country your restaurant is in, we highly recommend signing up with them online. They make it easy with a simple form:!signup/coub.

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