Restaurant Geek Michael Meadowcroft Seeks Funding via Kickstarter to Open the Local Sausage Restaurant

The Meadowcroft twins Michael and Scott started The Local Sausage to share their handmade, gourmet sausages. Now, they are looking to raise $150,000 through Kickstarter to open their own restaurant.


La Grange, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/21/2014 -- The Local Sausage guys Michael and Scott Meadowcroft have just started their Kickstarter campaign with the funding goal of $150,000. The proceeds from this fundraiser will be used to build a fully equipped restaurant for The Local Sausage.

Twin brothers Michael and Scott are highly proficient in making handmade sausages, mustards, jams and much more from the best of local ingredients. The Local Sausage gained familiarity amongst the foodies in Chicago earlier this year at the Oak Park Micro-Brew Review. Since then, Michael and Scott have been creating handmade, gourmet sausages for the local market.

At present, The Local Sausage offers a mouth watering line of sausages, jams, mustards and many other popular items. However, unfortunately, The Local Sausage presently operates solely through their online shop. Michael and Scott feel this is the perfect time for them to open The Local Sausage restaurant. The total funding requirement for opening The Local Sausage restaurant is $150,000.

Opening and operating a restaurant business involves challenges in every step. However, Michael and Scott are extremely confident about pulling it through if they manage to hit their Kickstarter target. The twins are long time restaurateurs who have worked in kitchens, bars, as a busboys and waiters. They have also spent years in the industry as a managers and consultants for well established restaurant groups. Their experience makes them the ideal people to take up the positions of restaurant owners.

This Kickstarter campaign will end on January 4, 2015.

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About The Local Sausage
The Local Sausage is an online shop selling handmade sausages, mustards, jams and much more made by Michael and Scott Meadowcroft. The twin brothers are now looking to start their own restaurant with funding support via Indiegogo.