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Restaurant POS Software May Be the Next Big Thing in Food Service


Ahmedabad, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/03/2017 -- Restaurant services traditionally have the reputation of being major revenue churners. With a significant turnover record, the current value of Indian food services remains at INR 247,680 Crores. A NRAI report projects a substantial 11% growth rate over the coming years, pointing to a value of INR 408,040 Crores by 2018. The industry is in a process of transitions with Quick Service and Casual Dine in formats rapidly gaining in popularity. Although the report mentioned here is from 2013, yet it is still relevant in predicting a fairly accurate industry growth rate. Among the various new things happening around the restaurant sector, restaurant POS software applications are becoming mainstream rapidly. Many urban eateries have already digitized their service operations with this, and several others are following suit.

The comprehensive smartphone app connects all points of an eatery management protocol. It not only digitizes placing orders, reservations, payments, and overall management, but also connects the often overlooked waiters and kitchen staffs. As the saying goes, "The best way to understand the true nature of a person is to notice how he behaves with waiters." Hopefully, the industry has been able to recognize the benefits of acknowledging the undeniable role of the serving staffs over social prejudice. The inclusion of a servers' end at the restaurant software is a welcome change from a greater social perspective as well.  It also crucially serves the primary purpose of operating flawless management for a pleasant customer experience, as the developers noted.

This reporter got in touch with a premium software service developing this app in India. The contact person was very cooperative in explaining the benefits of the application. "We have made the entire process digital. From the customer's end, it is very convenient. You can check out the latest dining menu in your adjacent area and book a table with a timed order. In fact, you can also add or cancel orders at the last moment and cancel them. Stay in track with its progress at the kitchen so that you can manage your time without wasting a lot of time sitting at the restaurant. Moreover, restaurant management system also leaves no need of shouting to the waiter as you can communicate over the app itself."

Discussing the benefits with an eatery manager revealed that the app has been crucial in systematizing the flow of services without unnecessary delay. "In order to survive, we need to deliver orders in the fast track mode so that the tables become empty fast for the next booking. It also helps me and my colleagues to organize everything from store inventory to resolving the conflict of interests between kitchen and the serving staff. In addition, with the recent push on digital payments in India, this product has proved its worth by making multiple digital payment modes available." With all the feedbacks so far being positive, this reporter decided to confirm the same with the server staffs at the reputed restaurant. Their response was positive as well, claiming a sense of well-being without being looked down too often.

Disclaimer: This report or the reporter is not acting on behalf of any software service or promoting any particular restaurant as well. All views expressed here are personal, and the report merely presents them for a full picture of the situation.

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