Restaurants in Mexico Can Now Post Free Ads for 6 Months on


Mexico City, Mexico -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/05/2013 --, a website that is part of the popular online products and services listings provider, is currently offering all restaurant owners the opportunity to post their restaurant ads for 6 months. Interested individuals can simply head to the official website and enter brief details of their restaurant under the ‘Register Your Business’ section to post their advertisements, upon filing of which a representative of the company will call the contact. has recently launched itself after the success of Mexico always lacked a comprehensive online business listings provider which Seccion Amarilla is now dominating. The same strategy is being applied to, a website dedicated in listing all restaurants in Mexico.

Many restaurantes have already submitted their details, as the offer gives them the opportunity to attract more customers and increase their popularity. Since Seccion Amarilla has now become the leader in business listings, many people believe that could also follow its parent website’s lead and become an essential online restaurant listings database. Click here to submit business details.

Both the websites are not simply listings, but also have interesting articles discussing various products, services, news and latest offers. The insightful articles are aimed at helping customers make informed decisions before making their purchase or selecting a business to work with. Latest happenings in Mexico and around the world are also frequently discussed on the sites.

Basic information such as telephone numbers, email, address, type of business, hours of operation, web address if applicable and pin point location of the business via Google Maps all can be filled under the ‘Register Your Business’ section of the website. Once the information is filled, the business details will be shown under the type of product or serviced offered and location. Visit site to enter business details.

About is part of the popular website which is an extensive online directory of listings of products and services providers in Mexico. is focused on listing all restaurants and food joints in Mexico. Through the online platform the various restaurants can be viewed according to type of food, location - state and city wise, popularity and recommendations. has quickly become a leading Mexican online directory which also has mobile compatibility. With numerous businesses uploading their details every day, could soon become an essential online directory platform.

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