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Restaurateurs Depend on Stop Wobble Equipment Leveling Products


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/31/2012 -- The restaurant industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, generating $660 billion in sales in 2012, according to the National Restaurant Association (NRA). However, several of the 980,000 restaurants operating in the United States struggle to earn a profit. One reason some restaurants may find it hard to earn a profit is due to unreliable or malfunctioning equipment. SupplyDIRECT Incorporated, a food service industry parts supplier, announces its distribution of equipment leveling products, namely the wobble wedge.

Traditionally the size of a matchbook, wobble wedges are designed with a durable, plastic shim. SupplyDIRECT Incorporated reports that, "Each wobble wedge has precision-fit interlocking ridges on top and bottom so they can be stacked to fill even large gaps." The company's management team also shares that, "The ridges form a firm grip preventing slippage up and down, or side to side."

Because wobble wedges will not rot, rust or soften, even in damp environments, their durability exceeds that of wood wedges some restaurateurs formerly relied upon. The diametrically small food industry products that do not shrink or swell, unlike wood wedges, can balance up to 5,000 pounds of weight. Furthermore, food industry professionals like Julia M., a hospital food service director, share that the products make their lives "easier."

This ease of use could reduce or eliminate the need for restaurateurs and other food industry professionals to spend a portion of their profits to replace wobbly or tilting equipment and furniture. These and other cost savings could impact the industry positively. After all, as the NRA shares, the food industry operates with "tighter profit margins than many other businesses."

It's tighter profit margins that also find the NRA saying, "There isn't much wiggle room in the restaurant industry." SupplyDIRECT Incorporated continues to take steps to add more balance to equipment regularly used by restaurateurs, necessary equipment like refrigerators, freezers, tables and chairs.

About SupplyDIRECT Incorporated
SupplyDIRECT Incorporated has been supplying the food service industry, including commercial restaurant chains and independently owned restaurants, with table, chair and equipment leveling products since 1988. Located in Metro Atlanta, Georgia, the company specializes in a range of replacement parts for refrigeration, cooking, plumbing and ware washing. In addition to supplying the food service industry with wobble wedges, SupplyDIRECT Incorporated also distributes tools and cleaners to help restaurateurs maintain their equipment. Additional industries the company supports include hospitals, schools, grocery stores, military branches, governments and parks.