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Restoring Catalase Levels Is the Key to Stop Gray Hair Growth Says Manufacturer of Pro-Follicleanse


San Antonio, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/21/2014 -- Last year the pharmaceutical industry had a breakthrough discovery in determining the primary reason for gray hair growth and the depigmentation disorder Vitiligo. The studies found that gray hair and Vitiligo are caused by oxidative stress and that a possible treatment for reversing the oxidative stress is the application of topical pseudo catalase and short-term UVB light exposure.

Pelame was one of the first manufacturers who further researched the studies and developed a topical serum, Pro-Follicleanse, which restores catalase and eliminates the buildup of hydrogen peroxide to prevent gray hair growth and restores natural hair color.

The patent pending serum has received immense positive feedback from its consumers and has become one of the leading treatments for gray hair. Offering 240 mL of serum, which is twice the amount competitors, one bottle can be used for a period of 8 weeks which is when, according to Pelame, the results will be visible.

The company is also offering a 30-Day money back guarantee, displaying the confidence Pelame has in its treatment for gray hair. The serum is non-oily, non-greasy and fast drying enabling customers to use it daily without unnecessary hindrance.

The catalase levels which decrease as humans age cause the hydrogen peroxide in the hair follicles to build up and the key to stop gray hair growth, as original studies show, is to break down the hydrogen peroxide, a bleaching agent. Pro-Follicleanse is a Pseudocatalse, which increases the catalase and removes the bleaching agent which forms due to its deficiency, restoring the natural hair pigment.

The directions to eliminate gray hair via Pro-Follicleanse are simple and only require application of the serum directly on the areas of the scalp where there is gray hair growth is present. The company states that the serum is designed to work without direct sunlight or UVB exposure, but that 2-3 hours a week of sunlight or 2 minutes of UVB two or three times a week will accelerate the process.

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Pelame is the manufacturer of the gray hair prevention treatment, Pro-FolliCleanse. The patent pending formula is composed of pharmaceutical grade ingredients and is an effective solution for eliminating gray hair and restoring hair to its natural color. Through the online platform,, specific details of Pro-FolliCleanse and further information about proven gray hair prevention techniques can be viewed.

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