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Resume Maker - Best Resume Preparing Application Goes Mobile

Launching advanced photo feature on app store for resume & iPhone5 compatibility


Kadikoy, Istanbul -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/18/2012 -- Resume Maker has been creating ripples in the resume and CV creation with some of the best and advanced features. Transitions from CV maker 1.1 to the now advanced 2.1 version is the most versatile way of creating an impressive resume and get noticed faster than any other prospective candidate.

The differentiation with the new version of Resume Maker is that it has the new photo feature enabled on to the App store. So the resume would depict not just the qualifications and profile information but also would show the face of the applicant. This photo feature would surely provide an innovative look to the resume aiding to create a quicker and better impression. There are many resume builders in the market however Resume Maker App store has the unique features that would help stay ahead in competition. The ease, at which the resume can be created while on the move, makes this service dependable. Now Resume Maker is made available on mobile through iTunes where the resume can be created right from the mobile. This application is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and even with iPhone5. The recent addition is that the icon has been altered to suit the increased demand that this mobile app has been received. To download, iTunes link of the app is http://itunes.apple.com/app/resume-maker/id517974972

These amazing advancements in resume support applications are designed by DahaBaska which is a Digital Agency located in Istanbul. The focus of DahaBaska is to enable usage of mobile apps and digital market communication is the best way possible. All the applications supported and designed by DahaBaska are compatible with high-end mobiles which are made easy for customer access through iTunes. The resume details can be imported through LinkedIn along with the additional photo feature and the resume is ready to appear in a PDF format. The ease at which it can be designed and accessed makes it the first choice among customers who rely on technology. To know more about CV maker visit http://cvmakerapp.com/ and gear up for a new resume outlook from the recognized Resume Maker.