Resume Myths Busted by Facts from HR Experts in a New Infographic

Almagreta announced the release of Resume Myths vs. Facts infographic to help job seekers to understand what hiring managers are looking for in a resume. It clarifies the misconceptions and outlines the successful resume that will help the candidates land the job they want.


Torrance, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/21/2014 -- Despite the readily available information from the Internet, high school and college students come to the job market armed with outdated notions on what to put in their resumes, and veterans in the workforce who suddenly find themselves back in the job hunt are unknowingly submitting resumes that might have worked decades ago. All of the job applicants will benefit from resume writing trade tricks revealed in Resume Myths vs Facts Infographic released by Almagreta.

Grade point averages are badges of honor—to those about to enter college, not careers. Entire work histories don’t make the cut anymore either. According to Resume Writer Tiffany Murray: “If you’ve been working for 30 years and the first few years were in an outside field, you can drop selective things.” And generic resumes, as much as typos and bad grammar, will only brand applicants as careless and amateur.

Recruiters always sense it when resumes are trying to shoot broadly instead of focusing on a target as they should. From executive career architect, Abby Locke: “Do extensive research to understand the required skills, expertise, experience and qualifications for the job target.” Chief HR Officer Tracy McCarthy adds, “If your current resume focuses on your laboratory background, please don’t send the same resume for marketing positions.”

However, in answering to specific positions, enumerating ones soft skills is indeed soft, and 70% of recruiters find it cliché and lazy. Like a kid parroting his older sibling, applicants who repeat qualification descriptors in the job posting can come across as less intelligent and even a little irritating to the recruiter, according to Almagreta’s research.

Joseph Williams, who landed an executive position with an up-and-coming advertising company, confirms the effectiveness of demonstrating ones skills instead. “I was so tempted to say I had leadership skills. But according to Resume Myths vs Facts infographic, I should demonstrate that instead. I listed my achievements, like revamping my old college’s quarterly paper as editor-in-chief and spearheading a department campaign where we proposed and implemented an overhaul of the whole workflow.”

Echoing Joseph’s words, Almagreta COO David Lopez says, “We create templates for every career task and presentation, like newsletters, and reports, but resume templates makes very proud as they help job applicants to open the doors in the very competitive job market.”

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