Resurrecting Rodney Brings a New Flavor of Rock to the Scene


Katy, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/27/2014 -- It's not totally metal or any of the derivatives of metal music, yet, that seems to be the best place to categorize it. Band founder, Rodney Crypt calls it, "pop death metal". Whatever the category, there is no doubt that Resurrecting Rodney is delivering a new brand of rock that is strange, creepy, catchy, melodic, and will have you humming the choruses when you least expect it. Resurrecting Rodney is proud to announce the release of their self titled EP, Resurrecting Rodney. Currently, the EP is available on Google Play and Band Camp.

On June 7th, the EP will be available on dozens of download sites including Amazon, Itunes, Rhapsody, Spotify and many more. The individual band members bring an untraditional variety of background experiences together to bring forth a cohesive whole that is undeniably interesting. Rodney Crypt, the founder of Resurrecting Rodney, seems to be the only band member that has a past that some might call sketchy. While a jazz background can be documented, there are missing parts of his discography for which he will not address. Timothy Posthumous has been playing in the upper end of the small venue rock scene for years as has David L. Footstone. David has been signed to major labels twice in his career as a solo act but has never been able to break through. Interestingly enough, he has no vocal duties in this band. Vocals are handled by all of the other band members however with Rodney Crypt singing lead. Then there is Scott Flatliner, his real name, who comes from the world of country.

Scott has done everything from session musician in Nashville to playing piano on the Grand Old Opry. A unique hodgepodge of experience and genre melt together in the release of Doom Metals, Resurrecting Rodney's, first EP.

About Resurrecting RodneY
On June 7, 2014, Resurrecting Rodney's New EP will be available on Amazon, Itunes, Rapsody, Spotify, Stompy, Google Play, and dozens of other Music Sites.Resurrecting Rodney Is; Rodney Crypt - Guitars/bass/vocals, David L. Footstone - Drums, Timothy Posthumous - Guitars/Vocals, Scott Flatliner - Keyboards/Vocals