Skemaz Launches the First Free BYOD Retail Merchandising Software as a Service

This new free retail merchandising SaaS (software as a service) will work on most modern mobile devices and delivers an intuitive easy-to-use package of point and click project design, in store auditing, comprehensive reporting, unlimited logins as well a social market place for merchandising companies to obtain additional resources.


Hollywood, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/21/2014 -- For retail merchandisers the usability, functionality and cost of their software determines their bottom line profits. That's why Skemaz™ P/L has introduced their new cloud-based BYOD 100% free retail merchandising cloud software service as the first of its kind and a service that promises to slash the cost of retail merchandising operations.

The company can claim that they are the first and only to offer merchandising software at No cost to the retail merchandising industry and “that’s taking things to a whole new level in retail” says Runge CEO of Skemaz™. The SaaS is designed as an intuitively workable solution for retail merchandising services organizations, brokers and manufacturers of consumer packaged goods of all sizes that thrives on successful merchandising.

To give added functionality to their software service, they have included a social marketplace capability. This social aspects of Skemaz™ enables anyone involved in the retail merchandising industry to connect and collaborate, promote their services, and advertise contracts or find merchandising work locally or around the globe. Merchandisers simply make themselves available to merchandising companies who can then add them to their resources pool.

Skemaz™ incorporates the latest asynchronous mobile software technologies and operates on Azure, Microsoft’s cloud platform to deliver a robust, scalable and intuitive merchandising software service. Mark Runge, recently spoke about his company's new free cloud-based retail merchandising service saying, "When it comes to retail merchandising audit and reporting software, the Skemaz™ team has an uncluttered philosophy - make it free and make it paint-by-numbers easy to use."

Skemaz™ significantly reduces the barriers for entry into the retail merchandising industry. Also, their service opens up an industry that is virtually closed to smaller merchandising operations. Business owners who wanted to start their own retail merchandising operation, but found the software was prohibitively expensive can now start their own operations.

By offering Skemaz™ as a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) service, they have built an easy to use package with minimal training required for anyone to become proficient in using Skemaz™. It has been designed to be incredibly intuitive.

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Based in Hollywood FL, Skemaz™ develops and provides free Merchandising Software as a Service for the retail merchandising industry. They are the developers of Skemaz™ B.Y.O.D. cloud-based software system.

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