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Retired Chef to Launch Website What to Cook for Supper That Helps Aspiring Cooks Learn How to Cook


Toronto, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/08/2014 -- Chef Peter Pizzati plans on sharing 23 years of culinary experience on his new website Whattocookforsupper.com, but first he is looking for investors for the Chef 2.0 Reboot project that helps people learn how to cook.

The new website will serve a two fold purpose. First, it will help budding chefs and aspiring cooks to find tips and recipes on cooking from a master. Secondly, it helps Pizzati reclaim his love affair with cooking. Cooking is Canadian chef Peter Pizzati’s one true love. At the age of 26, Pizzati accepted his first executive chef position. He saw this as the opportunity he had dreamed about and worked towards for years, sacrificing time, family and friends. But after 60 and 70 hour work weeks for eight years and a steady diet of coffee and cigarettes, Pizzati discovered that while cooking and being a chef were his dream jobs, the pressures of running a restaurant were mentally unhealthy for him. He walked away from a successful full-time job as a chef.

However, Pizzati did not leave his love of food and cooking behind him. He still wants to share his passion for food with the world. So, Pizzati launched the Chef 2.0 Reboot project at indiegogo.com. His latest culinary dream will allow him to pursue his passion, share his wealth of knowledge and stay healthy. It is his second chance to make his mark in the food world.

"Chef 2.0 Reboot is a project that enables me to continue on in an industry that I had to leave prematurely. I was a chef all of my life, but years of pressure, stresses and ridiculously long hours caused me to have a breakdown, and suffer a post traumatic stress type issue. With this project, I can continue my love of the food service industry through various internet methods, allowing me to continue my love of the industry, teaching others and sharing what I have spent years of my life learning to do,” Pizzati says.

With the help of indiegogo.com and its efforts on helping start up companies find out how to raise money, Pizzati hopes to launch the initial stages of the Chef 2.0 Reboot project in the next few months. He is currently taking small donations ranging from 5 dollars to 10 dollars towards raising funds to design the site. Contributors get tasty perks like an award winning digital cookbook or mushroom dust seasoning.

About Chef 2.0 Reboot
Chef 2.0 Reboot is a project led by long time Chef Peter Pizzati to build a website dedicated to helping others learn how to cook. Pizzati will share recipes and tips taken from his years of experience in the culinary world. For more information, visit http://igg.me/p/627098/x/1026783.