ApplenMicro Releases Special Report That Shows How Technological Advances Will Lead to "the End of Retirement"


Nova Scotia, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/20/2012 -- “The End of Retirement as We Know It” is the title of a free report by author and financial planner Michael Nuschke. The report shows how retirement planning is about to change forever due to the speeding up of technological innovations. It outlines a radically new method to plan and achieve personal financial success in this current world of economic uncertainty and accelerating change. The report’s “Twelve Action Steps” form a unique set of New Year’s resolutions.

Technology-driven advances in medical science (anti-aging and rejuvenation therapies) will accelerate the move towards longer, healthier life spans. In addition, innovations in technology are about to create dramatic disruption in both global economies and personal finances. New industries like 3D Printing will have major impacts on most jobs and investments. However, the personal financial planning industry has not kept up with the implications of these changes. The report, called “Retirement Singularity : The End of Retirement as We Know It”, provides a leading edge guide to our financial future.

“The retirement planning profession as a whole, uses future assumptions that totally miss the extraordinary impacts of technological advances.” Michael Nuschke

This report lays out the 2 key impacts of technology on our personal financial lives. It then outlines a “6-Step RECIPE for Your Financial Future” that redefines how we should think about and plan for retirement. The “Twelve Action Steps” leave the reader with a list of To Dos to help put a new life plan in motion.

“All I can say is WOW! What an eye-opener on how to look at retirement planning from a whole new perspective. It is amazing what I learned from this report … I highly recommend it as a MUST READ if you value having a fulfilling, happy and meaningful retirement.” Yvonne Wheeler

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