Seo Experts Drops Price of Amazon Top Selling Kindle Book to Just 99 Cents

Retiring to the Philippines just got a whole lot easier with the huge price drop on this top selling Amazon book!


Manila, Phillipines -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/19/2013 -- Gary McMurrain released the short guide to his first-hand experience of living the expat life in the Philippines to huge acclaim in April 2013. It quickly shot to the top of the best sellers list in its particular category and became a ‘must have read’ for anybody intending to retire to the Philippines.

Gary has long been an advocate of the relaxed and laid back lifestyle that many expats enjoy and loves nothing more than to spread the word as wide and as far as he possibly can. To that end has decided to drop the price of his bestselling book to just 99 cents.

Due to Amazons special deals it’s also possible to grab a copy of Retiring to the Philippines absolutely free! Readers who are looking for this offer will simply need to login to their Amazon control panel and check out the product listing for the book

Retiring to the Philippines is a brief introduction to life as an expat in the Philippines and serves as a real ‘eye opener’ to many foreigners who are considering retiring to the islands or have ever looked into the possibilities before. There are many misconceptions and errors that people have when it comes to retiring to the Philippines and in this book they are laid to rest.

Gary can often be found on the major forums related to the expat life in the Philippines and is constantly offering help and information to those people who are looking to follow in his footsteps.

“It’s obvious to anybody that has ever read any of my writings on life in the Philippines that I absolutely love it over here and would consider it to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. My wife and son are the most precious things in the world to me and we enjoy a stress-free life in the Philippines that I could never have imagined in the West

My business partner on and I decided to reduce the price of the book so that we could reach even more people and encourage them to consider retiring to the Philippines.”

About Gary McMurrain
Gary McMurrain first visited the Philippines in 1986 and in 2008 he decided to retire there permanently. He is widely considered as an expert in the field of living the expat lifestyle in the Philippines and writes profusely about the subject.

In early 2013 he and Steve Fleminglaunched the website Retiring to the Philippines to showcase both their writings on the subject. It is their intention to become the number one resource on the Internet for those seeking to find out information about retiring to the islands.

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