Julian Berg

Retro Arcade Games Make a Comeback at AsteroidsGame.org


Somerset, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/16/2012 -- As video game technology becomes increasingly sophisticated, there is another trend in gaming that seems to contradict the craze over ultra high-tech computer games. This secondary trend consists of a movement back towards the retro arcade games that were popular in the 1980s.

This movement has been made possible by technology that makes recreating classic arcade games in an online format simple. The computer program that recreates these first generation games is called an emulator, and there is one website that many retro gamers have been checking out in order to find the games that they love. The website is called AsteroidsGame.org, and it is providing visitors with full details on how an emulator works.

A spokesperson for the site commented:

“The emulator has taken retro games and made them available to a new generation of gamers online. These online versions are exactly like the originals in every way except through our site people can play them online for free. It’s great to see modern gamers get addicted to these classic games. We are also seeing a large number of players in their forties who are reliving their youth with the help of these timeless classics.”

In addition to the Asteroids arcade game, visitors to AsteroidsGame.org can get free access to games like Galaga, Spy Hunter, Frogger, Pacman and many other games that were arcade staples of the 1980s. Even those who are too young to remember playing these games in arcades can have fun discovering them online.

By visiting http://www.asteroidsgame.org/, anyone who is curious about these types of games can see what all the hype is about. Visitors can also benefit from instructions that inform players of how the games are played at the top of each dedicated game page.

Thanks to websites dedicated to retro gaming, multiple generations are discovering and rediscovering these simple but addictive games. These online games run on Adobe Flash, so visitors should make sure to have the necessary Flash plug-ins installed on their browsers before visiting the website. Once they have this, they are free to play as many games as they like on the AsteroidsGame.org website.

About AsteroidsGame.org
AsteroidsGame.org is a website that gives fans of classic arcade games the chance to relive their favorite game memories. The website provides online versions of popular retro arcade games like Space Invaders, Pacman, Frogger and, of course, Asteroids. Visitors to AsteroidsGame.org can play a dozen classic games for free.

For more information, please visit: http://www.asteroidsgame.org/