Return of the Mancs - New Manchester Band Who Could Help to Put the City Back on the Musical Map in 2014

A new Manchester band who could help to put the city back on the musical map in 2014.


Manchester, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2013 -- Last night Alias Kid played upstairs in The Ducie Bridge, a small venue in Manchester. This is a band that has garnered interest with a recent review that can be found at this link. Unfortunately (for the crowd) lead singer Maz was not present due to the birth of his new baby; and this may have put a dampener on proceedings for anyone who was hoping to catch the Sean/Maz double act that is being talked about. On top of this, the band's mentor and music industry legend Alan McGee had been unable to attend for a DJ slot. So it should have been curtains for this band on this particular night. And was it? In a word; no.

The make-up of the band is such that they have two lead vocalists and they split the lead singing duties across the set. This meant that something that might have crippled any other band actually turned into an event for Alias Kid. One could see it in the band themselves who, rather than being worried, were actually relishing the challenge.

The lone lead singer on show tonight was Sean O'Donnell. He made mention to his "musical other-half" (they co-write the songs as well as sharing the singing duties) and it was obvious that the crowd appreciated what he said. The band then proceeded to put on a top-drawer performance with bass player Chris very adeptly stepping in to sing backing vocals.

The songs all carried a Manchester sound but the music is by no means stuck in the famous nineties era, although each track has that 'sing-along' quality. The structure of each piece is very well considered and the band seem to have a natural feel for when to jam out a little longer at the end of a tune. The result is a great ebb and flow which tonight drew in the crowd to the point where they were even participating in the set. On the local scene this is something rarely witnessed; at least when it is delivered with such flair.

The band themselves ooze cool but rather than the famous 'moody' disposition associated with their nineties predecessors, this band seem far more approachable; they seem to enjoy getting the crowd involved in the same way as a far more seasoned band may do. Of course comparisons with such well established acts are unfair at this point; Alias Kid have yet to release their debut album (it is pencilled for release in 2014).

Despite this reluctance to draw comparisons, over the next twelve months we will surely see Alias Kid draw bigger and bigger crowds and they will certainly climb the ladder to national notoriety. It is how the band handle this climb that will ultimately decide if they sink or swim. The smart money is on the latter.


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