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Return to Sender: Film Producer Releases Book of Unedited Emails from His Internet Stalker

‘Return to Sender: In Box Ranting from an Internet Stalker’, by Rolando Viñas Jr. gives a rare and vital insight into the mind of an internet stalker. Spanning two years, during which the author sent no replies, the stalker’s somewhat remarkable perseverance and unwanted obsession will surprise readers who think they have already seen it all…


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/17/2014 -- Just like one in twelve of the general population, film producer Rolando Viñas Jr. found himself the target of a seemingly disturbed stalker. However, after two years of the ex-client flooding the author’s email inbox with everything from incoherent rants to targeted threats, Viñas has taken the ingenious decision to package up her messages and release them as a compelling new book.

‘Return to Sender: In Box Ranting from an Internet Stalker’ contains each of the emails in their original and unedited form. The book was released not only as a form of therapy for Viñas, but as a vital insight into stalkers for those who have never experienced their abuse.


For two years I've had an internet stalker sending me emails on a regular basis. This stalker used to be a client of mine. After a good year of dealing with her being mentally unstable I thought it best to cut ties and move on.

Apparently she never got the memo. Keep in mind, she has sent emails for two years and not one has been responded to. Her name and email address are concealed to protect her identity but the content in those emails are unnerving and hilarious.

Anyway, if I wind up getting murdered at least this book can help lead to the possible suspect.

The author hopes that his book will draw much-needed attention to the growing problem of cyberstalking.

“People traditionally think of stalking as someone physically following an individual or showing up at inappropriate places. However, cyberstalking can be just as harrowing – because electronic communication is impossible to escape and follows the victim wherever they travel. It’s a constant reminder that someone has a detrimental obsession with you,” says Viñas, an instructor with Miami Dade College.

Continuing, “In fact, The Guardian newspaper now reports that cyberstalking is more prevalent than physical stalking, with 40% of victims being men. It’s imperative that we draw attention to the problem now, and my book exposes cyberstalking in a raw and uncut way – it will certainly leave readers with plenty to think about.”

To whet the appetite of fans of the book, Rolando will continue posting future emails from his stalker on the book’s TUMBLR blog, ReturnToSenderRV.

‘Return to Sender: In Box Ranting from an Internet Stalker’ will be released on February 18th, 2014.

Current availability (pre-order): iTunes, Nook, Kobo, Copia.

Future availability: Kindle, Sony, eSentral, Scribd.

About Rolando Viñas Jr.
Rolando Viñas Jr. has written a dozens of screenplays, some of which are set to go into production this year. Rolando has also been hired to write screenplays and consult on a number of projects.
He is a producer with Gorilla Studios/M.E.E. and a screenwriting instructor with Miami Dade College’s School of Continuing Education.