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Reusable Ice Packs Market - Forecast on Market Dynamics, Emerging Trends, Growth Factors

Growth of Reusable Ice Packs Market is driven by rising demand of the reusable ice packs in various industries that offers wide applications and multiple features


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/27/2018 -- Reusable ice packs comes under hot and cold therapy which is utilized by several industries for various applications. Each reusable ice packs can be utilized in numerous ways either cold by keeping in the freezer or hot by keeping in a microwave for a short period of time. Reusable ice packs are made up of high density polyethylene, cross-linked polyacrylate polyalcohol co-polymer refrigerant and polymer. The bag which is used to store the reusable ice packs is made up of polyethylene.

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Reusable ice packs are easily available and on the basis of distribution channel the reusable ice packs can be segmented into:

Retail Stores
Mail Order Pharmacy

The reusable ice packs offers wide applications and multiple features that has augmented the demand of reusable ice packs in several industry. Several features of the reusable ice packs include, compact design which is easier to carry, product durability, frozen longer, hydrates quickly, and non-toxicity. Medical industry has high utilization of such reusable ice packs, in physiotherapy, sports injuries, muscle spasms, quick pain relief for back pain, and menstrual cramps. Similarly pharmaceutical industry utilizes the reusable ice packs during the transportation of drugs to maintain the temperature, product stability by providing essential and suitable temperature. Food industry has utilization of reusable ice packs in transportation of products which require critical temperatures. Multiple industries require reusable ice packs as they provide leak free, non-toxic and safe to use products. These features have augmented the demand for reusable ice packs market globally. On the basis of applications, the global reusable ice packs market is segmented into:

Medical & Healthcare
Consumer Goods
Food Industry

Additionally the reusable ice packs offer more flexibility, high performance, heat sealability, high strength, light weight, safe to use, versatile, less price and improved speed. Recently manufacturers have started to provide product customization this would improve the product sales and will attract more customers. Consumers can customize the size, shape, color and even the graphics over the reusable ice packs. As the number of local players is high the reusable ice packs industry faces huge competition among the local players, absence of big players is also observed in the global reusable ice packs industry.

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Based on geography, the reusable ice packs market can be segmented into five major regions: North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East-Africa (MEA). At present, North America observes a leading position in the market as USA followed by Europe. The major driving factors which have driven the growth of the reusable ice packs market in this region is that the industry has extensive number of local players. Asia-Pacific has significant share in the reusable ice packs market as the manufacturing cost of the product is low and multiple players are supplying the product worldwide.

As the technology has been utilized from several years our research shows the presence of high number of local players and established players in the reusable ice packs market. Some of the major players operating in the reusable ice packs market are King Brand Healthcare Products®, Reuseit® Limited, Techniice USA, Lloyds Pharmacy Ltd., Gel Frost Packs, Ace Hardware Corporation, S.E.A. Olympus Marketing, Inc., icepacks4less Value Products Ltd., Adco Marketing, Ice Packs Store, MyWebGrocer, Inc., Microban Products Company, NavaGen Marketing Private Limited and Fit & Fresh.