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Revealed: The Top 5 Tips to Getting Cheaper Motorbike Insurance

Newly released top 5 tips from experts to achieving the lowest premium on your motorcycle


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2014 -- There are many well-documented ways to save on your motorcycle and car insurance in 2014. Shopping around is one helpful strategy. VoucherBadger, a UK based savings website, provides a simple way for motorcycle riders to do this. Also, as safety is one of the top priorities for motorcycle riders, it is also the focus of discounts by many insurance companies. In fact, some offer safe driver discounts for riders with no violations or accidents considered to be their fault.

"It's not surprising that motorcyclists are paying higher prices than they used to. Everything seems to be getting more expensive nowadays" said Daxa Arun, spokesperson for VoucherBadger Debenhams.

She added: "It's been relatively well-known that a smaller CC engine is the key to getting cheaper premiums, and the latest surveys attest to this too".

Riders can also complete safety courses, install safety equipment such as anti-lock brakes or electronic alarms, or simply be more financially responsible. Insurers often look at credit scores and bill paying habits. These have correlated with safety records, so the system is set up such that if one pays their bills on time, their insurance rate may be lower.

Another good idea is to decide on the coverage needed. Premium costs can be reduced by raising the deductible, because the insured is willing to pay more for claims. Adding coverage for extras such as chrome accessories or sidecars can also lead to savings. Other strategies for saving are to exclude a rider with a poor record, leave out guest passenger liability, and to decrease coverage on older bikes. Also ask for discounts the insurer may provide, especially if it’s an older bike or it is not driven that often.

The style of motorbike is important. High risk models such as sport motorcycles are often charged higher premiums. Riders should therefore factor this in when deciding on the type of motorcycle they want to ride. It’s also smart to check driving records, as erroneous violations sometimes appear; these can actually result in paying a higher rate.

Sometimes being loyal to one particular insurance company will result in renewal discounts and price breaks. This is a benefit of the competitiveness in the insurance industry. There are many factors to consider when shopping around for motorcycle insurance.

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