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Revelations Incorporated - Business Consultant's New Book Blows Whistle on 'Sociopathic Beast' of Business; Serving as Vital Wake-Up Call

Brian Ray’s alarming yet vital new book, ‘Revelations Incorporated: The Disturbing Truth of the Business World & Workplace Culture’ exposes the business illusions, toxicity and realities that most are too afraid to discuss. From adult workplace bullying and corporate manipulation through to shocking customer vendettas, the book highlights the dire state of the business landscape and makes bold suggestions for change. Ray’s work is poised to become the ‘elephant in the room’ for every company and organization.


West Bloomfield, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/09/2014 -- While companies crumble every day, many CEOs and Executives are quick to blame the economy or unavoidable market forces. While these variables can have an effect, Business Management Consultant Brian Ray knows that the primary cause lies within the toxic illusions perpetuated by the business world at large. The problem is that nobody wants to talk about it – but Brian Ray isn’t a man to sweep big issues under the rug.

‘Revelations Incorporated: The Disturbing Truth of the Business World & Workplace Culture’ is Ray’s attempt to wake up individuals and the business world itself to the fact that things must be done differently. His gripping new book tells the truth of what really goes on in business; and how these self-serving cultures wreck the livelihoods of millions.


Ever wonder how business really operates? Why Management makes the decisions that it does? How do some people get away with bad behavior at work while others don’t?

Well the answer is that Business is a sociopathic beast. Virtually everyone working in business knows it, but few individuals are willing to admit it, and even fewer are willing to discuss it. This is the “elephant in the room” for every company & corporation, no matter what industry they operate within.

Dealing with these environments can be extremely difficult and stressful if an individual is unprepared. That is where this book can help.

This book is a guide to the truth of many business topics that are rarely discussed in training programs or school/college textbooks. It takes an objective look at the illusions that are perpetuated by companies and corporations, and the reality behind them. It also offers many techniques to deal with these scenarios, and provides the insight needed to see through the self-serving motivations of those activities.

Some of these topics include: The Ego of Corporations, How Companies Manipulate their Workforce, Bullying in the Workplace, Management Indifference, Client & Customer Vendettas, Maintaining Balance & Principles….and many more!

“Let me be frank here, the attitudes and illusions in business today have turned it into an unsustainable monster,” admits Ray. Nobody discusses the realities behind these illusions, and with workers plus their respective companies suffering, something has to be done to shake things up. That’s why I wrote this book – to break the silence, expose the truth and fire up a catalyst for change.”

Continuing, “It all begins with companies creating environments of fear and control. After showcasing the true fabric of the business world, I share proposed techniques and solutions for reversing the issues. With two-plus decades in business I am able to share many different perspectives and hope they’ll resonate with readers across every industry. The time is now – but do people want to change for the better?”

‘Revelations Incorporated: The Disturbing Truth of the Business World & Workplace Culture’ is available now on Amazon in paperback and on the Kindle: http://amzn.to/1nW1r15.

Note: The author is extremely interested in pursuing all opportunities within the broadcast media, as well as public speaking arenas. Mr. Ray is available for interview and contribution on any level.

About Brian Ray
Brian Ray is a Business and Management Consultant with over 20 years of experience in the field. He has worked with several of the largest companies in the world on multiple projects and assignments, from the basic Project level all the way up to Executive level. He is a singer trained in the classical, Broadway, and modern methods, a musician, martial artist, and advocate for the prevention of bullying. Additionally, he is a Public Speaker/Corporate Trainer specializing in promoting positive changes in business and people.