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Revelations: New Thriller Challenges Readers to Re-Consider their Fundamental Beliefs

In his ground-breaking second novel, acclaimed author Roky John Louie fuses a deceptively simple plot with the compelling questioning of his readers’ admissions.


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/05/2012 -- Providing both entertainment and a challenge to his readers, the latest novel by author Roky John Louie is poised to grip the attention and the thoughts of all who pick it up.

Revelations is a deep-seated thriller with a frank and forthright plot. However, as readers join the characters in unravelling its progress, the book quickly becomes a successive journey of increasingly disturbing mysteries.

Official Synopsis:

Christina McIntaggart narrowly escapes mortal injury by the intervention of a troubled teenage boy. The traumatic ordeal insidiously disrupts her life and causes her to seek out her rescuer. Her search for him will not only reveal the truth behind the event that changed her life but answer the most enduring questions of mankind as well.

As the author explains, the book provides its readers with an opportunity to question their beliefs and morals.

“This story is designed to be entertaining but it is also designed to challenge the reader to reconsider their own fundamental beliefs by creating abstract situations with no easy solutions towards the climax,” Louie explains.

Reader involvement increases throughout the narrative; until it reaches a sudden crescendo at the book’s conclusion. At this climax, readers dive deep into the depths of the unknown and into a place where their beliefs and sacred truths could find themselves shattered.

“Revelations certainly raises more questions in readers’ minds than the average book. My aim was to produce a compelling story that leaves its audience deep in question, long after they put the book down,” Louie adds.

The book comes following Louie’s hugely successful debut novel, ‘The Mark’. Set to be welcomed into the literary world with critical acclaim, both critics and fans are eager for the thrilling journey that waits.

Revelations is set for general release at the end of September.

For more information, please visit the author’s official website: http://www.rokyjohnlouie.com/

About the Author: Roky John Louie
Roky John Louie lives in the Seattle area with Wendy, his wife, and Viktor, his German Shepherd. Wendy is a licensed falconer in Washington State so Roky also begrudgingly shares his house with various birds of prey.

When not writing or working on other projects related to writing, Roky likes to spend his spare time playing online computer games and studying military history, astronomy, and mathematics.