ApplenMicro Helps Lovers Reveal Cheating Truth with Confidential Reverse Phone Lookup Service


Washington, DC -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/12/2013 -- Jaded lovers find comfort in knowing the truth: With Valentine’s Day just around the corner,, an online reverse phone lookup service, is helping spouses catch unfaithful mates by tracking suspicious telephone numbers—confidentially. The company is now offering a 7-day trial membership with unlimited people, e-mail, and available public records’ searches for just $0.95.

Popular culture has dubbed February 13 “Mistress Day,” with statistics showing many unfaithful mates celebrate Valentine’s Day with lovers the day before the actual holiday. “Few things are more painful than dealing with a partner who’s strayed,” says CEO Mark McCoy. “If you’re dealing with a partner who gets strange or after-hours’ hang up calls, you can trace those numbers through a reverse phone look up search, identify the other party and eliminate uncertainty.” offers a confidential phone lookup service that promises to help catch cheaters by providing documented proof. The company’s Valentine’s Day Special, fittingly named “Trace to the Truth,” includes a 7-day trial membership with unlimited people, e-mail, and available public records’ searches. In lieu of calling a suspicious phone number, McCoy outlines a few steps partners can take to catch a cheating mate:

Review calls dialed and received in the spouse or partner’s cell phone history (or numbers found on a landline’s Caller ID)

Enter each unidentified phone number into a reverse phone lookup search and receive reports instantly.

He also recommends analyzing the call history. Look for repeated calls and names, as well as the frequency and time of the calls, he said. In addition to affordable regular pricing, the company offers an attractive St. Valentine’s only special price when attempting to clarify possible cheating issue:

- $ 0.95 Phone Report + 7 Days Unlimited Search Free Trial – the St. Valentine’s special

“We’re always optimistic,” McCoy continues. “Sometimes the search reveals a mate has been faithful... but during the Valentine’s Day season, some searches reveal the ugly and undeniable cheating truth.”

The reverse phone lookup service can help jaded lovers track suspicious call activity within the United States or Canada. Suspect a spouse of infidelity? Conduct a reverse phone lookup search on the company website.

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