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Washington, DC -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/12/2012 -- Is your phone bill suspiciously high this month? Remember the story about a South Florida woman getting shocked when she opened a recent cell phone bill for $201,000. It was no mistake. When Celina Aarons read the bill (all 43 pages) she realized she owed $201,005.44. "I was freaking out. I was shaking, crying, I couldn't even talk that much on the phone. I was like my life is over!" Aarons said in an interview…

With the cost of virtually everything increasing, finding ways to save money is more important than ever. Examine your telephone bill carefully, including pages that show the details, and look for suspicious charges or unknown phone numbers. Certain charges may stand out. For example, you may see that a premium rate 1-900 number has been called from your phone. Or, someone using your phone may have gone over your monthly texting plan by repeatedly messaging a certain number.

Find out the name and address behind those phone numbers using reverse phone lookup service. It is easy and quick with instant results.

“It is not uncommon to suddenly receive a huge unexpected phone bill. Few years ago I received a shocking phone bill as big as my monthly salary and it took me four months to resolve the issue” said Mark McCoy, CEO of “Mistakes happen all the time. If you see a suspicious activity or unknown phone number on your phone bill, do a reverse phone lookup to identify the caller and make an informed decision what action to take further.” helps people verify name and address by a phone number. This search is known as reverse phone lookup (look up). Ordinary people, institutions, lawyers and agencies use reverse phone lookup for information purposes.

About offers individual Tracer Report services when you need to find someone’s name and address by phone number, or you need to verify an address of a person or business, to uncover the origin of prank calls, to stop unsolicited phone calls, and even to reveal a cheating partner.

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