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Washington, DC -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2012 -- Prank calls can be annoying, disruptive and potentially, very costly. In 2009 a hotel in Conway, Arkansas suffered $50,000 in damages when a front desk employee received a phone call from a man claiming be a representative from the installer of the hotel's fire sprinklers. The employee was told by the caller that there was a problem with the sprinklers and that she needed to "reset" them by pulling a nearby fire alarm. When the audible alarm went off, she claims that the caller told her the sprinkler system would soon activate throughout the hotel unless she started breaking the hotel's windows, which he said contained sensors that were connected to the alarm system. Believing the man and his claim that the entire hotel was about to flood, she started smashing windows in the lobby area.

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While a Tracer Report doesn't guarantee safety, it can illuminate any criminal history and provide an accurate picture of an individual phone number owner's name, address, location on the map and more information as available.

About provides reverse phone lookup services when you need to find someone’s name and address by phone number, or you need to verify an address of a person or business, to uncover the origin of prank calls, to stop unsolicited phone calls, and even to reveal a cheating partner.

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