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Reveria: Compelling Debut Novel from D.N. George Showcases Power of Family, Friendships and Self-Realization.

When a poor Nova Scotian boy’s hardships cause him to daydream about a world his Grandmother had described during bed time stories, little does he know that it will spur a real-world encounter with a deviant ancient dark power.


Halifax, Nova Scotia -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/31/2012 -- The traditional bedtime story has been a staple of young people’s lives for hundreds of years. However, for the protagonist in D.N George’s compelling debut novel, real life and daydreams are fused together into a powerful and immersive story.

‘Reveria’ is a debut novel that’s poised to become a true timeless classic.


“An epic adventure into a world of imagination, danger, family and friendship. A world where what you think you’re scared of can become your reality.

Set in 1960, follow two young children, their families and close companions as they escape the hardships of reality and unknowingly begin a dangerous journey to rid their magical, fantasy world of a lingering evil.

This book bounces back and forth between perceived reality and the world of Reveria. Reveria encourages readers of all ages to get lost in the many story lines and fall in love with the land and the characters and their adventures.”

As the author explains, Reveria is a trilogy that calls on facets of both reality and fiction.

“This is actually the third book in the trilogy, although I am still working on the first two. I speak of a large number of history in the book that I am now writing about in depth,” says George, who himself lives and works in Nova Scotia.

Continuing, “While primarily fiction, the books also hold true-to-life value as they focus on the importance of family, friendship, perseverance and self-realization.”

Having created such an intricate and detailed world, George admits that it was no easy feat.

“It's extremely important to me, this was a 6 year project that has followed me across Canada and has been influenced by many friends and family along the way, Reveria is my first novel,” he adds.

As with every good book ending, Reveria comes with a truly unexpected twist; the protagonist’s Father has to learn to face his own past demons and fears in order to save his Son and Reveria.

Those wanting to find out more will need to buy the book.

Reveria, published by AuthorHouse, is available on Amazon: http://amzn.to/YDC2He

More information can also be found on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/reveriabook

About the Author
Reveria is George’s first project. He was raised in a small town in rural western Nova Scotia but has written certain sections of Reveria and many other personal projects in different provinces right across Canada while travelling and working as a Funeral Director in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Alberta and Saskatchewan.