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Paramus, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/17/2014 -- Thousands of people suffer from kidney disease and many go years with dialysis treatments that they have to go to multiple times a week in order to maintain a semi-functioning body. With recent studies finding that people can reverse kidney disease with diet and a kidney cleanse, many are trying this alternative to treating kidney disease.

A New Jersey naturopathic clinic helps patients from all over the New Jersey and New York City area with kidney disease treatments through an amazing kidney cleanse and treatment program at Doctor Robert Galarowicz’s nephrology clinic.

By using kidney cleansing treatments and kidney healing foods through a special diet, many patients have reversed their kidney disease and in some instances, reversed one to three stages. Through superfoods, supplements, and increasing or reducing certain chemicals in the body, kidney function can actually improve and even restore function to a poor kidney.

Different natural food compounds such as vitamins and fiber have been used for thousands of years to treat kidney disorders and are used in today’s modern world to aid in the kidney healing process. A special diet helps reduce creatinine, increase GFR, and lower cholesterol to help kidneys get the nutrients they need to reverse kidney disease and improve their kidney function.

Robert Galarowicz now has an eBook and hardcopy program to reverse kidney disease. It is called the all-natural kidney health and kidney function restoration program. Through this all-natural program, patients will have a customized program specifically designed for them and their lifestyle in order to improve kidney function dramatically. Within just a few weeks, patients experience dramatic kidney function improvement through a special diet created just for them and nutritional supplements.

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By using knowledge and treatments that have been used for thousands of years, patients will experience dramatic results that reduce their kidney disease stages within just a few weeks. Instead of experiencing severe vomiting, fatigue, and depression that are often associated with normal kidney treatments, patients will experience a healthier and happier lifestyle where they do not have to visit dialysis centers multiple times a week.

For many kidney disease sufferers, dialysis treatments become their life, however, with this all-natural method of healing kidney function, patients have a choice to an effective treatment.

The eBook and Hard Copy version of, “The All Natural Kidney Health & Kidney Function Restoration Program” offers a 60-day money back guarantee program. The program guarantees that patients will feel better within weeks and they will commit to the new diet for aid in restoring kidney function.

Kidney disease is a condition that no one wants to be diagnosed with because of the life altering treatments that are associated with it. By using all-natural methods, Doctor Galarowicz can help restore kidney function and have patients feeling better within just a few weeks to months.

The Kidney Cleanse That Can Improve Kidney Disease

Robert Galarowicz and his company Healthy Kidney Publishing offer the public free information like their patented kidney cleanse. Most kidney cleanses are not designed for kidney disease. The usually have high potassium foods and other substances that are not good for the kidneys.

Robert and his team of experts have created a kidney cleanse designed to reverse kidney disease. Visit the kidney cleanse at the link: Kidney Cleanse

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