Reverse Loan Adviser Offers Government Insured Safe Mortgage for Seniors Aged 62 or Above


Cliffside, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2013 -- The increasing rate of unemployment and inflation over the years has crippled the economic and financial positions of the people around the United States. The baby boomers are reaching their retirement ages and as such they need reliable pension plans and other sources of income to stabilize and spend the rest of their lives more economically. The company, Reverse Loan Adviser provides an effective solution to this problem by offering government insured Reverse Mortgage loans to individuals and with a detailed and comprehensive video tutorial that highlights its key features and all the related information. The Reverse Mortgage loan is perhaps the best option for many of the seniors and old age people residing in the United States to accelerate their retirement incomes.

Reverse Mortgage is a special type of home loan that enables the people to convert some part of the equity in their homes into cash. It is available to homeowners of 62 years of age and older and is insured by the Federal Government. The prominent features of a reverse mortgage includes, no monthly mortgage payments as in the case of a conventional mortgage, the homeowners can take the money either in a lump sum or a line of credit and the payment of the property taxes and home owner’s insurance by the homeowner. The amount of a loan depends upon the interest rates, homeowners’ ages and on the value of their homes. The Reverse Mortgage interest rates are usually lower than that of other mortgages available in the market today.

Reverse Loan Adviser regards it as a safe financial program that will efficiently drive the stress out of the people’s lives. They can catch up with bills, fix their homes, and sponsor their retirement plans all through the Reverse Loan Adviser. The interested individuals can go through the link to check on the details and other helpful information on Reverse Mortgage Loans. However, if they still face any sort of confusion they can directly contact the concerned officials of the company who are always ready to serve their customers with full devotion and dedication.

In addition, an individual must consider the Reverse Mortgage pros and cons before going for one. Worth noting ones are,

- A person can continue living in his own home. He retains the title, but no monthly mortgage payment is due until he moves, sells the house or dies. Only at that time, the loan is due in full, including the interest.
- The money he receives is tax free.
- No income and credit qualifications.

Reverse Loan Adviser offers two reliable programs, standard and saver. The standard program includes Reverse Mortgage lenders who provide an extensive amount of loans while the saver program offers a small amount of loan with a lower closing cost.

To learn more about Reverse Mortgage Loans, interested folks are advised to watch this YouTube video.

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